Pink Women's Sprinters Jersey

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Size: S
Women's Size Chart


Women's Size Chart

Height 150-165cm 155-166cm 165-178cm 165-180cm 175-185cm 180-190cm
Weight 45-55kg 48-61kg 57-70kg 63-92kg 75-95kg 85-105kg
Chest 75-85cm 78-90cm 82-94cm 90-107cm 100-107cm 105-150cm
Waist 55-65cm 63-78cm 67-80cm 80-100cm 86-100cm 95-110cm

The Sprinters Jersey has the performance, fit and feel that deserves to be at the top. The firm but fitted sleeves are comfortable, but stretch to fit so that there is no fabric to flab in the breeze and rob you off precious watts. The mesh side panels keep you cool while the front and back fabrics are light. Understated design hides the level of performance that is in this jersey.

This vibrant Australiana print is designed by Australian Artist StixyLin - read more about her here

Fit: Standard. Emma wears a M and usually wears a M.