Get to know us

Hello! We're so glad you're here. If you haven't already met us at an expo or race somewhere, we're Live And Breathe Active (or LAB). We're a small family business run by a group of passionate people. 

While we're technically new, we've been around for a long time. You might know us as Catfish Designs, or KC's. Live And Breathe Active is the next generation of our family business with a stronger focus on performance and community, driven by our values.

A bit about our history is below, and you can meet the team too.  

Lana (Owner & Director)

Big ideas, big goals and big dreams, Lana pushes us all to be Better Than Yesterday and Be Extraordinary. Lana has always been passionate about sport, coming from a swimming background as a teenager, even she is surprised she's now got almost 10 years of Triathlon under her belt across all distances and disciplines. Currently she is working on balancing mum life, getting back to some consistent sport and building an amazing community with LAB.  

Andy (Owner & Director) 

Always looking for a better way, Andy is the do-er behind the scenes, making the big ideas, dreams and goals come to life. Whether it's through photography, website coding or accounting. With over 20 years experience in the Cycling Industry working with some of the biggest brands in the world, Andy knows what it takes to build the best gear in the world. Having dabbled in Triathlon when he was still trying to impress Lana, he's pretty sure he'll stick to cycling unless he can get a TT bike. In his spare time he is raising a toddler to be the next mountain bike world champion.  

Shona (Customer Service)

The ever consistent Shona often is left to run the business while Lana & Andy are out at events. While only new to the wild world of performance sportswear, she is an expert at understanding our customers and ensuring they get what they need, when they need it - as well as steering the ship when we abandon her. We've almost convinced her to do her first triathlon, and based on her running consistency lately, I think she'll be lining up in 2024. In her spare time she is busy raising two beautiful kids, and walking the trails of the Northern Beaches. 

Prue (Production)

With more years experience than she will admit to, Prue is an indispensable part of our team. She both runs our production, and is a sounding board for all other aspects of the business. She's spending more time on the tennis court these days, working on her killer forehand but we're always stoked to have her in the office in between sets. When she's not running production or around the tennis court, she is spoiling her grand daughter. 

Pascalle (Model/Assistant)

You've seen Pascalle all over the website, she has been working on her modelling career for many years in between doing bits and pieces of other work with us, and playing Water Polo for Australia, or professionally over in Greece. Pascalle is our all rounder, stepping in to help where ever help is needed from design and sales to modelling and order fulfillment. When she isn't training or modelling, she can be found out in the ocean surfing or swimming. We have also planted the seed that after the Olympics she should commence her triathlon career. Watch this space. 

The beginning

If you can't find it, make it!

It all started in the mid to late 80s when Prue was a professional surfer. There was little on offer in the way of swimwear to surf in, the options being a crochet bikini or a plain black one piece.

Fresh out of her studies majoring in textiles and pattern making, Prue got to work to make swimwear she wanted to surf in.


Party plan & Kid's clothing

It was a busy decade for Prue who had a new 'why'. With 4 kids in tow, she had a new reason to jump back on the sewing machine.

The family was the best dressed in town and she had a little kid's label KC's where friends and family would come over to choose fabrics and patterns for Prue to whip up new outfits for the local northern beaches kids.

Sticking with her roots, she was also making custom swimwear by Party Plan - yep like tupperware. Get your friends around, try on some styles, pick a fabric and Prue would custom make you a swimsuit.

The sewing 'room' in her garage was a hot spot for young families.

Catfish Designs

Taking over Mona Vale

A move from KC's to Catfish Designs and the garage was getting busy with the one woman show on the sewing machine, sourcing fabric, getting new business and managing all the existing customers.

With her oldest, Lana, swimming competitively and all the kids in Surf Life Saving Nippers, Prue was busy making swimwear again.

All kids on the local beach were buying their swimmers from Prue so it wasn't long before Mona Vale Surf Club asked for the club's swimmers to be made by Catfish.

The big leap of faith

Outgrowing the garage

Business was booming for this little home sewing business being run out of the garage. The family soon tired of hearing the sewing machine still running at 2am and Prue was convinced to think bigger.

So she bought a warehouse & office space, hired a staff member and went looking for help sewing.

The biggest step was letting go of the sewing, so the search for good help in making the garments was extensive. Quality control was, and still is, everything.

Taking over surf clubs

Club Uniforms

There was a huge boom in Surf Life Saving and Prue was there to help out. With clubs looking for more uniform options and the competition hot for the best uniform at State, we were making boardshorts, tees, hoodies and more.

At this stage there weren't many clubs who weren't wearing Catfish Designs club gear.

Moving from swimwear only to apparel was the first step in a move to be a full service, one stop shop.

Mother Daughter team

Family Business

After finishing uni and working in banking, Prue's oldest daughter Lana decides to pack in her corporate career and join the family business. Looking for something to provide more fulfillment, where she can make a difference, Lana was excited at the boom of e-commerce and working with her family to build something special.

With the business focus on custom teamwear, with a little bit of retail on the side for fun, Lana saw potential.

Living in Melbourne at the time, Lana learnt the ropes of the business next to then boyfriend Andy who helped out with graphic design here and there.


Activewear, Cycle & Tri

After a couple of years in the business and a move to Sydney, Lana convinced Andy to join the business. With his experience as a brand manager for global sports brands, graphic design and photography, his skill set fit the bill for a need in the growing family business.

With Andys experience, the business pushed into the Cycle, Tri and Activewear space bringing the signature bright prints to a new arena.

New owners

Next Generation

After years of discussing, in 2021, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Lana & Andy bought the business from Prue.

Excited about the next generation, with a great team in place. Prue staying on to manage the production side of the business, but taking a step back to enjoy more time travelling and being a grandma.

Lana & Andy had big plans after working in the business for half a decade. Taking their combined experience to help bring Catfish into a new era.

Live & Breathe Active is born

New Era

After years of considering a break between the custom and retail businesses for Catfish Designs, another big leap of faith was taken.

A name change for the retail arm of the business was underway. Over 12 months of work in research & development for new garments, new fabrics and new styles. A review and consolidation on the focus of the business, with a values driven focus on performance and community.

Live and Breathe Active was born.