Environmental Commitments

Our goal is to recycle everywhere possible, make our garments more sustainable and partner with sustainable companies to minimise our carbon footprint. 

We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well being of the community. 

We believe that the best way to success is for every person, business, and community to do what they can. We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing their best even if it is imperfect.

The climate crisis is no longer a forecast—for millions, it’s become a frequent, difficult, even devastating reality. We are only a small business, what can we do? We are continuing to make small changes, bit by bit, to help reduce our footprint. We’re not perfect all the time, and we still have a way to go, but we’re making incremental changes, doing what we can and playing our part.

Here are a few changes you’ll see from us, and a few sustainable businesses that we love!

  • Recycled fabrics. There are a wide range of recycled fabrics available, and they have come a long way over the last couple of years. We have recently switched to using recycled fabric for our swimwear. It has taken us a couple of years because we found the recycled fabric options were not standing up to our expectations of durability. It's important to us that we produce high quality garments that last and we're pleased with the durability of recent recycled fabric options and stoked to be switching to recycled fabric. This means your gear should last the distance (and not go into landfill prematurely) as well as save a heap of plastic bottles from the ocean! 
  • POLLASTIC bags for shipping by Better Packaging Co. We love this company and we used their products for over five years you’ll see a lovely black POLLASTIC bags when you get your online order. These are made from Certified Ocean Bound Plastic - plastic pollution. PLUS, these can be reused, so if you’re exchanging, we recommend using the same bag to send back to us.

  • ComPOLY bags for packing your items. Another awesome product from the Better Packaging Co, these ComPOLY bags keep your item dry and undamaged while being shipped. We’ve still got some of the plastic bags, but we’ll be transitioning to these over time. So make sure you chuck the ComPOLY bags in your compost.
  • Bulk packing – when you place an order for a couple of items, we’ll often pack all your items in one plastic or ComPOLY bag to reduce the amount of bags we’re using. So make sure you check your bag before you get in touch with us, as the item you’re missing might be hiding the same bag.
  • Fabric re-usable bags. Sometimes our calculations are a little off when we’re making fabric, or there is a mistake (we’re all human right!?). So when we have extra fabric, we’ve been making little drawstring bags. If you order a tri or cycle kit, you might get your order in a little fabric bag that we’ve made from left over fabric. You can use this to store your goggles & cap in your swim bag, put your wet swimmers in after a session, or as a little beach bag – or maybe you have another use for them? We’d love for you to share!
  • Working with our manufacturing teams. We are working with our manufacturing and production teams in Australia and around the world to encourage them to reduce the amount of plastic too. We used to get one item in one plastic bag and there was so much waste! So we now get one whole size bulk packed in one bag, saving so much plastic waste! Our next step is to purchase recycled plastic bags! #incrementalgains
  • Re-usable coffee cups. We are obsessed with the Pottery for the Planet coffee cups, and since getting way too many of these we have not only eliminated single use coffee cups in the office but we get so many compliments on these. We have one in the office, one in the car and one at home (each) so we’re always covered for coffee. We also gift our new staff with a coffee cup and drink bottle to eliminate need for this waste in our office. 
  • Re-usable lunch containers. We love a splurge on a Friday, and we’ll get some Pho from the market, or a homemade gnocchi, but we hated all the plastic containers. So we have bought some awesome containers from Big Bite Eco (who also attend our local market sometimes) to get some bamboo containers that fit our Friday splurge.
  • Getting to and from work. We also do what we can to reduce our footprint by running or riding to work and leaving the car at home. As a small family business we also often car pool - it helps when you work with your partner.

These are just a few changes we’re trying to make. We are by no means perfect, and we have plans to do more, but we believe that if everyone does what they can to eliminate waste, it all counts.