Dominique Collins


I’m Dominique, the surface pattern designer and illustrator behind Stixylin, based in Brisbane Australia. I enjoy creating vibrant and delightful patterns and illustrations full of colour and movement. I love adding extra energetic and lively details with pops of colour to my work, to evoke fun and joy into our everyday lives. My inspiration comes from nature, animals, and native botanicals. I love seeing my designs come to life on fabrics, clothing, stationary, home decor and accessories.

Inspiration for Native Australiana Magic:

Inspiration for this piece came from a few adventures, runs and beach trips. From visiting the beach on Tannum Sands and seeing the amazing black cockatoos in the costal banksias and other large trees. To visiting the butterfly sanctuary and surrounds in Bribie Island and seeing how many beautiful natives were blossoming. As well as running through my local area in
Brisbane and seeing the blossoming natives in gardens and bushland. This pattern was brought together to celebrate and showcase Australia’s many gifts. shared with others.

Inspiration for Pattern Clash:

Inspiration for this playful pattern comes from Africa and Australia. From my time growing up in South Africa I was able to see so much of the wonderful wildlife with their gorgeous patterns. Now living in Australia, I have drawn upon my experiences snorkelling in the Whitsunday’s and Cairns, as well as our weekly family beach trips to Mooloolaba, where I have marvelled at the amazing coral and sea life. This pattern is a celebration of the many different things that clash, but work so well together.

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