Artist - Stixy Lin

I’m Dominique, the surface pattern designer and illustrator behind Stixylin, based in Brisbane Australia. I enjoy creating vibrant and delightful patterns and illustrations full of colour and movement. I love adding extra energetic and lively details with pops of colour to my work, to evoke fun and joy into our everyday lives. Read more


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Australiana Kid's Tri SuitAustraliana Kid's Tri Suit
Australiana Kid's Tri Suit Sale price$105.00
Australiana Men's Empower Tri SuitAustraliana Men's Empower Tri Suit
Australiana Women's Empower Tri SuitAustraliana Women's Empower Tri Suit
Australiana Zip Tri SuitAustraliana Zip Tri Suit
Australiana Zip Tri Suit Sale price$161.00
Australiana Men's Domestique BibAustraliana Men's Domestique Bib
Australiana Men's Domestique JerseyAustraliana Men's Domestique Jersey
Australiana Women's Domestique BibAustraliana Women's Domestique Bib
Australiana Women's Domestique JerseyAustraliana Women's Domestique Jersey
Australiana JammersAustraliana Jammers
Australiana Jammers Sale price$49.00
Australiana Boy's JammersAustraliana Boy's Jammers
Australiana Boy's Jammers Sale price$49.00
Australiana Wide Cut DTSAustraliana Wide Cut DTS
Australiana Wide Cut DTS Sale price$49.00
Australiana Wide Cut Boy's DTSAustraliana Wide Cut Boy's DTS
Australiana Scoop Bikini BottomAustraliana Scoop Bikini Bottom
Australiana Girl's Scoop Bikini BottomAustraliana Girl's Scoop Bikini Bottom
Australiana Scoop Bikini TopAustraliana Scoop Bikini Top
Australiana Girl's Scoop Bikini TopAustraliana Girl's Scoop Bikini Top
Australiana T-CurlAustraliana T-Curl
Australiana T-Curl Sale price$67.00
Australiana Girl's T-CurlAustraliana Girl's T-Curl
Australiana Girl's T-Curl Sale price$67.00
Australiana Seamless Mid Thigh ShortsAustraliana Seamless Mid Thigh Shorts