How to find Superior Women’s Cycling Kit in Australia and Online


Head somewhere else, lads. We’re going to take a moment and chat with the ladies out there. Specifically, the women who put their hearts, minds, and bodies into every kilometre they track down the open road. Cycling is a rough sport for anyone, but women face even more challenges as cyclists than many might expect.


The right cycling kit needs to do far more than look good when you get ready to ride. It needs to give you plenty of comfort and superior support, so you’re able to reach your peak performance capabilities. Having a stylish kit is indeed a bonus, however.


Shopping Tips to Scope Out a Cycling Kit Online

We cannot overstate this first rule of shopping for a cycling kit. Know your body. You know how important this is as an athlete. No cyclist should ever ignore their body’s cues. The same holds true when you’re shopping for a women’s cycling kit. In Australia, it’s all too easy to find outfits in numerous sizes and styles. Use that variety to your advantage and take the time to choose the equipment that best suits what your body needs.


If you aren’t entirely sure what those needs are, here are some pointers. A good thing to remember is that a good cycling kit should provide the same support as an excellent, functional piece of swimwear. When buying a top, think about how much support your chest will need, how the kit will fit around the arms and shoulders, and remember any problem areas such as gapping around the underarms that may lead to discomfort. As for the bottoms, choose a length that will prevent chafing and avoid cutting into your midsection.


Another critical asset when buying a cycling kit online is doing your research on the materials used. Beneficial materials wick away moisture. Again, this prevents chafing and helps to keep you fresh and dry while you’re cycling. The materials used in the production of a kit are a key indicator of its quality and how well it will function during use.


Other Factors that Should Affect Your Decision

In Australia, high temperatures can often be a factor that needs due consideration. To that end, a good quality women’s cycling kit should toe the line between offering the support needed and giving you a comfortable cycling experience. There are many different styles, and as we already mentioned every athlete is different. When shopping, it’s always a good idea to check out brands that do provide variety, so you can be sure you get what will work best for you, whether that is more coverage or less.


Finding What You Need with Live and Breathe Active

With a woman as its founder, it’s no secret that we embrace women athletes from all sports at Live and Breathe Active. That’s one of the many reasons we invite you to explore our Australian-made products if you are searching for a cycling kit online. We would be proud to see you sporting one of our kits on the road, on the trail and anywhere else that life may take you.