Teal Men's Velocity Aero Tri Suit

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Men's Size Chart

Men's Size Chart

Height 155-170cm 165-178cm 172-187cm 175-193cm 180-198cm 185-204cm
Weight 54-68kg 57-71kg 70-83kg 81-100kg 84-103kg 86-106kg
Chest 80-90cm 83-96cm 92-104cm 100-115cm 103-118cm 106-121cm
Waist 67-80cm 70-84cm 80-92cm 87-104cm 89-107cm 101-110cm
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Introducing the Velocity Tri Suit - Your Ticket to Triathlon Excellence!

Unleash your inner champion with the all-new Velocity Tri Suit. Designed for athletes who demand nothing but the best, this suit is packed with cutting-edge features to take your performance to the next level. 

This is the Tri Suit that belongs on the top step of the podium.

It's the result of over 12 months of relentless development, using the very best fabrics and technology available on the market. We don't settle for average, and neither should you!

The Velocity Tri Suit is an investment in your success. It's more than just a suit; it's a commitment to being extraordinary, pursuing your happiness, and leaving mediocrity in the dust.

Order your Velocity Tri Suit today and experience the future of triathlon performance. Your podium awaits! 

Built for performance


Ultra Lightweight composition of fabrics made to be soft & comfortable

UPF 50+

Because we're from Australia and it would be crazy not to be.

Sweat Wicking

Because no one wants to be a sweaty mess at the coffee shop.

Driven by Values

#3 F*ck Average. Be Extraordinary

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The perfect first suit. Comfortable with lots of storage for your race snacks and a perfect price point.



The all rounder, the perfect balance of price, quality and features. Mix of standard and premium fabrics and features.



Only the best for our premium level Aero Kit. This is the stuff of podiums and 1%'s. The ultimate in comfort & performance.