The 'Better' Tee

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Gender: Women's
Size: XS
Size & Fit Guide

Fit and sizing can be tricky. We find with most of our gear you can opt for your standard size, however we also know that there is no such thing as a 'standard' size.

We find that height and weight are best way to determine your size, as our garments are stretchy, a wide range of measurements can fit into a size. We have size charts below but most of our garments are made with stretch fabric you can be fairly flexible with your sizing. If you fit into a couple of different sizes based on your measurements, we recommend  you opt for the size you would usually get or the size where the majority of your measurements fit. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference on fit as well, if you like to wear items firm and you're in between sizes, go down, and if you prefer to wear looser gear, size up. 

If you look through everything here and still have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

Women's Size Chart

Height 150-165cm 155-166cm 165-178cm 165-177cm 175-185cm 180-190cm
Weight 45-55kg 48-61kg 57-70kg 63-92kg 75-95kg 85-105kg
Chest 75-85cm 78-90cm 82-94cm 90-107cm 100-107cm 105-150cm
Waist 55-65cm 63-78cm 67-80cm 80-100cm 86-100cm 95-110cm


Men's Size Chart

Height 155-170cm 165-178cm 172-187cm 175-193cm 180-198cm 185-204cm
Weight 54-68kg 57-71kg 70-83kg 81-100kg 84-103kg 86-106kg
Chest 80-90cm 83-96cm 92-104cm 100-115cm 103-118cm 106-121cm
Waist 67-80cm 70-84cm 80-92cm 87-104cm 89-107cm 101-110cm





Better than Yesterday. Our #2 Value. Wear the Values with our Values Tee range.  

We are striving for progress and improvement, and we know it doesn't happen overnight. It's a slog, but every single action, every single decision, day by day, we get better. And in 3 months, 6 months, a year, 5 years, we look back in awe of how far we have come.

Made with 100% lightweight cotton. Soft finish and regular fit. 

Model Jason wears a Men's M. Model Pascalle wears a Women's M. 

Customer Reviews

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Kim Fraser-Rybinski
Love it!

I like the idea of not being ordinary!

Lana Casey
New favourite tee

Comfy fit, soft fabric and great message. Loving this tee