Club Champion - Meaghan

Club Champion - Meaghan
Name: Meaghan
City you live: Brisbane
Profession: Communications, Content and PR Specialist


Everyone has a story that got them to where they are today. Meaghan is one of our new club members who did her first ever triathlon at Kingscliff in our Reef Empower Suit. Hear about her competitive spirit, her special bond with her father and why f*ck average be extraordinary really resonates with her. 


Meaghan's Triathlon Journey

My journey into triathlon stems from a deeply personal connection to sports and a tribute to my father's legacy. Growing up, my father and I shared a bond over our love for exercise. He was not only a half-marathon runner but also participated in team triathlons. Even after his passing during my teenage years, sports became a comforting link to him.

My first goal was to run a half marathon in his honor and after competing in 7 events it was time for the next challenge – Triathlon. Having competed in two sprint events already, I'm eagerly preparing for my next race, a slightly longer club distance event at the end of May. What draws me to triathlons is the blend of multiple disciplines and the variety it brings. I cannot wait to see what I can achieve in this sport…perhaps even a 70.3 one day! 


Meaghan's Journey

My journey to where I am today has been fuelled by my competitive spirit and an unwavering enthusiasm for new experiences. I firmly believe in seizing every opportunity that excites me, whether it's in sports, work, or travel. For me, it's better to try something and discover it's not for me, than to live with regrets of never trying at all.

Throughout my life, I've embraced countless opportunities, recognising that life is too short to pass up on experiences. I believe in living life to the fullest and making the most out of every moment.

Balancing the various aspects of life, including family, work, recreation, and fitness, is something I've learned to master. Through discipline, the support of loved ones (shout out to the best husband ever), and a willingness to step out of my comfort zone, I've achieved things I once thought were beyond my reach.

My journey has been defined by the pursuit of growth, a passion for living fully, and the belief that anything is possible with the right support network, mindset, and determination.


Advice to your younger self

Don't get caught up comparing yourself to others. Forge your own path, embrace challenges, and make time to celebrate your achievements along the way! 


Favourite Value

F*ck average. Be Extraordinary

This one resonates with me for a few reasons!     

-        F*ck average to me doesn’t mean you have to be the best it means be your best. Push yourself to try new things. You don’t need to be fast or strong or the winner, but you can be the best version of yourself and allowing yourself to do that is EXTRAORDINARY!

-        Growing up, my father always responded to the question "How are you?" with "Extraordinary." His response ingrained in me the power of positivity and the mindset that every day offers an opportunity for something remarkable. It's a reminder to approach life with optimism and to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

-        "F*ck average" reminds us not to be confined by societal norms or others' expectations. It's about daring to dream big, to challenge yourself, and to carve our own path. It's about breaking free from limitations and embracing the limitless potential within us.

In essence, aligning with this value means embracing a mindset of continuous growth, resilience, and daring to be the best version of oneself, no matter the circumstances.




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