Looking the Part: How to Buy Functional and Supportive Sports Apparel Online in Australia

Looking the Part: How to Buy Functional and Supportive Custom Sports Apparel Online in Australia


The clothes you wear while working and out playing sports matter. It's not just about looking good, it is also about being comfortable and performing at your peak ability. When you wear clothing that doesn't fit well or doesn't offer the right type of functionality for the sport you're playing, your performance can degrade. You might even feel distracted or off your game when you wear the wrong fabrics, especially those that can't wick moisture away from your skin. Finding activewear that aligns with your needs, your sport, and your tastes shouldn't have to be a challenge.


At Live and Breathe Active, we work to offer an accessible way to buy sports apparel online in Australia. While we got our start in swimwear and it remains a core area of passion for our business, we also proudly offer a wide variety of other clothing, including cycling jerseys, running shorts, triathlon suit, bike shorts and running crops. With two decades of experience and clothing designed and made right here in Australia, we're sure you can find what you need to play your hardest.


Home-grown sports apparel for the Australian athlete

Function first: that's the driving ethos behind the way we design and create all our sports apparel. A stunning, enjoyable look to your apparel is simple to develop when you have a strong foundation from which to build. The swimmer looks for swimwear that dries quickly, stays comfortably in position in the water, and doesn't add unnecessary friction. The cyclist hopes for a kit that can help reduce friction, wick away sweat, and keep them cool during every ride. We understand these demands and create clothing to match.

For example, our cycling bibs feature a robust polyester/Lycra blend that allows for maximum stretch and breathability. The result is a garment that's comfortable to wear even on long, punishing practice rides — or during a heart-pounding stage race. This attention to detail and dedication to providing athletes with high quality garments shines through in all our collection.


Fill your basket and place an order for prompt shipment

We think our job is to do more than merely to sell activewear online — we want to be sure you're "dressed for success." From helping our clients with custom apparel orders navigate the process so they can "wow" their team to individuals seeking out better clothes for working out or competing, there's a little something for everyone to enjoy from Live and Breathe Active. From the cyclist searching for an edge to the swimmer hoping for comfort, we hope you'll find what you need while shopping with us. Browse all our available products to find your ideal style.