Maralma King


I’m a wife and mum of 4 children, I am a proud Gamilaraay/Yuwaalaraay woman from Lightning Ridge, NSW. My totem is the emu and would you believe that the emu is my and my children’s favourite animal! You wouldn’t be able to tell through my art but I do have a favourite colour…. PINK!

I find inspiration from my artwork from my children, they LOVE bright colours, it brings so much joy and happiness into their lives and I try to incorporate that into each piece of art I create. My home Lightning Ridge has strong vibrant colours such as the red dirt, when I’m home I love watching the sundown, there is always different beautiful tones of oranges reds and pinks. Lightning ridge is also very known for the famous Black Opal, the Black Opal is filled with beautiful colours!
All my paintings and symbols reflect family, gatherings, friendships, the land, our beautiful foods animals and plants.

Inspiration for Generations:

This piece of art depicts the representation of family being together, growing together and building on dreams and the dreams of their elders.  Passing down knowledge and sharing the joys of success and the toil of hardship whilst remaining passionate about their history, strength and future. A reflection of our small family business.