Ally Bryan

Coloured Space Design

I am Ally, an artist on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. My journey as a surface pattern designer and artist is deeply rooted in my connection to the natural world. I love diving into the ocean, it reminds me that the world is a rolling slideshow of light and colour, it balances and energises me!

My primary source of inspiration is the environment that surrounds me, especially the coastal landscape. I spend countless hours observing and capturing the contours of the landscape and the interplay of light on the ocean. I use an array of mediums, including acrylics, watercolours, and inks, to capture unique shapes, marks, and textures that reflect the beauty of nature.

As an artist and surface pattern designer, I have the privilege of sharing my creations through various platforms and products, including artworks and installations. I relish the challenge of crafting statements and narratives through print and pattern. Being able to tell stories and capture memories using colour and mark-making is amazing, something I love sharing with others.

Life, for me, is a splash of colour mixed together and shared with others. View more of Ally's beautiful work at her website about or follow her instagram